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Bows for Bailey - Bailey HaneyOn August, 19th 2014, 17 month old Bailey Haney was admitted to Children's Hospital Los Angeles as a result of unexplained black eyes. After enduring several blood transfusions, biopsies and surgeries, Bailey and her family received devastating news; she was diagnosed with high risk Stage 4 MYC Amplified Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor that arises in the nervous system outside of the brain. The clinical behavior of the cancer is highly variable, with some tumors being easily treated, but approximately 50% of the tumors are very aggressive.

On August 25th 2014, Bailey began her battle by undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell retrievals, and surgery to remove the grapefruit sized tumor near her kidney.

In early January 2015, after completion of MIBG therapy, Bailey was discharged from the hospital. She began to recuperate with her family at home. Sadly, in February 2015, the cancer became more aggressive and spread to Bailey’s central nervous system. She was paralyzed from the waist down. Bailey was readmitted to CHLA where she remained inpatient for nine weeks. During this time, Bailey continued to fight and underwent more radiation and chemotherapy.

Bailey was released from the hospital in April 2015 where she enjoyed time in her own home with her mom, dad and brother Jackson. She continued to receive outpatient chemotherapy. In early June, Bailey underwent a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy procedure in preparation for a tandem transplant. The aspiration was positive, however the biopsy itself was negative. Then, on June 15th, Julia noticed that Bailey’s leg was swollen. She took her to the emergency room, and the doctors performed an MRI of her leg. Sadly, the MRI results proved that Bailey’s cancer had spread to her femur. Her team of doctors concluded that her treatment could not continue. The cancer was spreading too fast.

Bailey returned home to spend precious time with her family and close friends. She was kept as comfortable as possible. Julia and Matt took Bailey to CHLA on July 9th to help manage Bailey’s pain. On July 11th at 1:40am, Bailey took her final breath. She was cradled in the arms of her daddy, surrounded by love.

Bailey, her mother Julia, her father Matt, and her brother Jackson fought with all of their strength until the very end. The Haney’s continue to fight today. They need our love and support to push forward now more than ever. Let us lift them up in hope and stand strong beside them.

We started Bows for Bailey to raise awareness for Neuroblastoma, and to help the Haney family absorb the rising cost of Bailey’s treatment. With a $15 donation, the Bows for Bailey team will send you a special one of kind designed bow for the sweet girl in your life. Bows for Bailey is more than just bows. We also have bracelets, shirts and buttons available for donations. Check back monthly and check out new items we add.

We love you, Haney family!

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